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Elder Kimball had a rough time walking for days. boy Hales’ massive endowment proved to be more of a challenge than he’d expected.

Every time he took a step, he was reminded of how hard he’d been fucked in the temple basement… and every time, he got excited.

Before beginning his mission, he had struggled with the idea that he wouldn’t be able to masturbate for two long years. But now that he was there, he was doing more than just masturbate.

He was doing more than he’d ever imagined he would do with a guy.

It didn’t take long before he was called back to the temple. Upon his arrival he was provided with a modesty shield by the patrons.

He tried to hide his excitement, fearing they would see through to his desires. As sexual as his meetings were, he never forgot the Mormon tenets of discipline and chastity. He feared more than anything that they would stop if he appeared to like it too much.

Once changed, he was ushered into the endowment room, where he was presented at the veil. Through masonic symbols at the veil he gave a blow job to an anonymous patron who was hung like a nag. He must have had nuts as big as apples, because he nearly drowned in all the cum when the man finally came and pumped his load down the back of Elder Kimball’s throat.

Once he had moved beyond the veil, he was instructed to proceed through a small corridor that narrowed the further he went, until he was crawling on his hands and knees. The tunnel ended with a small door in the wall, only big enough for him to crawl through.

He was instructed by the patrons to proceed through the small door only when he heard a knock. When the knock finally came, he barely hesitated, knowing that the reward for his obedience might be another hard pounding.

Moving forward, he opened the door and entered the adjacent room.

He could see a bed in front of him with Bishop Eldridge in the far corner. He stood tall and still, watching him intently as he came forward. Standing beside the doorway itself was President Oaks, similarly standing in a position of authority.

Elder Kimball’s excitement got the better of him and he immediately began to stand up. Oaks was quick to place a hand on the back of his neck, keeping him down low on the ground.

Kimball felt his body fall back on all fours as he was led by the salt and pepper president to the foot of the bed. He didn’t mind, though. He would do anything they asked.

At the foot of the bed, Oaks sat facing the kneeling boy. On the floor beside him was a stone bowl of water and a cloth. Firmly speaking, Oaks continued, “Elder Kimball, I want you to wash my feet.”

The young man picked up the cloth and wetted it, removing the president’s white slippers before running it along the soles of his feet. Elder Kimball was surprisingly aroused by this. As eager as he was for more, he did glean a powerful satisfaction from the simple service.

“Good,” President Oaks praised. “Now stand up.”

Kimball rose to his feet and looked into the older man’s steel eyes. It was only then that he became aware of his nakedness. President Oaks eyed him thoroughly, seeming to take stock of every inch of his exposed flesh.

The shield provided some cover, but the president’s hands pressed gently on his body, navigating across his smooth muscles, finding their way beneath the sheer fabric that clothed him. Oaks intentionally and decisively moved each d and fold to access the boy’s butt and genitals, taking full advantage of his authority over him.

Then, in a blunt display of power, President Oaks stood behind Elder Kimball and firmly grabbed the boy’s covered erection. Kimball had yearned to be handled by the handsome man for a while and found himself completely immobilized by his touch.

With Kimball dizzy with desire, Oaks ran his face against the boy’s smooth neck, scratching him softly with his five o’clock shadow as he kissed down his collarbone and continued to toy with the boy’s penis. He maneuvered a hand inside the shield, trailing his fingers through Kimball’s delicate pubic hair and teasing the base of his hard shaft. He leaned in to kiss him as he continued to finger his crotch, making him whimper for him to touch him deeper.

President Oaks turned Elder Kimball around, looking down into the boy’s wide, eager eyes. His hands moved to his backside, sliding over Kimball’s ample buttocks, gently squeezing each cheek in his hands. As his paws probed him, he told Kimball to remove his tie and to begin undressing him.

Within seconds, Kimball was gazing upon the president’s clean, white garments. Oaks casually pulled at the side string of the boy’s shield and watched with delight as it fell off his body, exposing his muscular frame and stiff penis.

President Oaks could see that the boy was in heat and desperate for his cock. Positioning him back on his knees, Oaks presented his bulge to the boy and invited him to worship him. Kimball barely needed any direction; he placed his face close against the hard rise in the president’s pants, begging to taste what it concealed.

Kimball unzipped him, pulling Oaks’ pants down. Elder Kimball’s eyes shot immediately to the hard member that his sheer garments obscured. Despite their presence, he could discern each part of his manhood. The young man made his face against his crotch again, inhaling the smell of the man’s genitals, feeling his mouth water to take it in.

Oaks pulled his garment shorts down, letting his hard cock stick out in the boy’s face. With a hand placed behind Kimballs head, the president lead him down on his shaft, guiding him to take it deeper into his throat. Coaching him when to breathe and when to swallow, the handsome man watched in delight as the hungry boy took his erection completely.

Lifting his shaft up, Oaks moaned as Kimball licked his musky balls clean, playing with them on the tip of his tongue. As his saliva began to overwhelm his mouth, Kimball moved back onto the hard shaft of his leader, staring up at President Oaks to watch his face. He pushed harder and faster on his cock, occasionally feeling his chin connect with the older man’s wet scrotum.

President Oaks would have been content to stand and get his dick sucked for hours, but above all else he knew that this time was sacred. It was his duty to bless Kimball by inseminating him.

He leaned back on the bed, stretching his legs out and lying down as he stroked his slippery cock. Kimball’s mouth provided him with plenty of lubrication. Gesturing for Kimball to come forward, he watched the boy step up onto the bed and position himself over his standing member.

Kimball faced away, looking at his leader’s erection and slowly squatted himself down upon it. Oaks got the privilege of watching his bubble butt split and open to take him inside; he enjoyed not just the warm rush of being enveloped but also the thrill of seeing his penis enter his young protege.

As Kimball sat flat on the president’s lap, his nature quickly took over. He had been waiting to be fucked by the man for far too long and he couldn’t help himself. He pumped his body up and down, feeling the hard shaft of his leader hit hard against his prostate. He stroked his cock as he moved like a piston, eager to receive the privilege of the president’s seed…

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:11
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4892kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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